Thursday, June 6, 2013

DGR Brings you RavenHeart

Today DGR brings you RavenHeart.

Ravenheart are a UK based hard rock and metal band who fuse together darkness, gothic elements and rock metal. Their music has immense passion and the guitar work is fantastically powerful, top notch for those who like a good guitar wail amidst the song. The vocals are raw and passionate and there is almost a punk type feel to some of their songs. It seems diversity is abundant within their music.

In particular, "Geared for War" has a primal energy to it. It reminds me of a metal version of New Model Army in a way. The vibe from this song is reeling and engaging, full throttle!

Another track of theirs that lures and demands attention is "One Eyed God". Brilliant lead up to what becomes a hard journey into rock/metal, divinely enriched with a sensual essence.

"Big Bad Wolf" is an intriguing song. It reaches crescendo in a matter of seconds and allows you to divulge in the wickedly dark side your soul is always fascinated by.

For those who like it hard and raw, RavenHeart offers those elements and much more.

They state their influences as - "Iron maiden, aerosmith, manowar, rhapsody, WASP, Whitesnake, early Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, Dio, Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan, Racer X, Randy Rhoads and lots of other cool "heavy" metal bands."

Hard to argue with that! I can hear many such influences in their music.

So folks ~ go treat yourself to a bit of hard darkness and primal power by clicking the links below and enjoy the experience. RavenHeart offer what original rock and metal have maintained all these years...a powerful and energetic fusion of guitar mayhem and deep vocals, you will love them!

RavenHeart at FB
RavenHeart at Reverbnation RavenHeart at Soundcloud

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